ICT Infrastructure




  • Five Smart classes are going to be assembled in the Vidyalaya to nurture the student in the field of Computer Literacy.
  • As KVS suggested, Edustrokes Software has been installed in the Smart Class room Computer (as Server) which will be useful for the student to learn about Mathematics and Science concept. This project describes a topic/concept through Audio Visual effects implementing learning by doing method.
  • Softwares of Oracle SQL (Oracle 10g Express Edition/Version) and Borland C++/Turbo C++, Java Net Beans have been installed on server computers to make conspicuous & fruitful classes.
  • Most of the programs of C++, Oracle SQL & Java Net Beans will be Live executed on Screen with the help of LCD projector.
  • Live Execution of programs provides a fruitful result as it helps to clear the fundamental hierarchically by implementing the concept of ‘Learning by seeing’.
  • Internet facilities have been provided to most of the department by LAN Connectivity including staff room and Administration Block.
  • Special Power Point Presentations prepared PGT (Computer Science) on topics ‘Oracle SQL Database Management System, Data File Handling, and Pointers in C++. 
  • Important Video lectures of K-Maps, Logic Gates, and Pointer etc. downloaded from the websites of IIT institutes to make classes fruitful & healthy.
  • Vidyalaya faculty is trying to implement the innovative ideas & technologies in the field of education as time needs.